Welcome to the Community Web Site and the Information Repository for the former Volunteer Army Ammunition Plant Environmental Cleanup Program. An information repository is where current information, technical reports, and reference materials regarding a federal and/or state Environmental Cleanup Program site are stored. The repository is established in the community at the beginning of the site studies to provide the public with easily accessible information. Repositories are established for all sites where cleanup activities are expected to last for more than 45 days.

In 2020, the repository containing hard copies of all historical documents was assembled and moved to the Smithsonian Institute in Washington, D.C. At that time, this online repository of electronic files was created to provide the public with access to all current and historical documents for the site.

You can use this Web site to access electronic copies of the documents contained in the Information Repository. To search the Information Repository select the Advanced Search button, enter your search criteria (e.g., key words), and initiate the search. Select the Quick Search button to view a listing of commonly used predefined searches. Results will be provided in table format with links to the associated documents.

As directed by US EPA guidance, the Information Repository has been made available to the public. The web based version of the Information Repository is considered to be a copy of original documents and reports.

Please direct any questions regarding content to questions@formerVOAAP-AR.com


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